iWatch – Spotted in wild

Apple watch (or iWatch) is probably just a month away from being released and available to masses rather classes. But there have been rumors going around that apple employees are already using the watch from last few months. And today I can say that those rumors were true as I did see a guy wearing the watch on my usual weekly flight.

Below are probably the first real world pictures of Apple Watch. I tried to ask some close ended questions to the guy wearing it but he had only one answer to all my questions ‘Perhaps’; like Is this Apple Watch? Do you work for Apple? Is it waterproof? Does it have heart rate monitor?.

20150303153804 20150303153808

So I know there are not many details other than just pictures to share at this time but if I see him on my return flight I am going to grill him again 🙂

For now let me know what you all think about how the watch looks !!!


Best Console Games of 2014

2014 was the full first year that new gen consoles got to showcase capabilities in terms of graphics and processing power. Though several titles got pushed to 2015 but still we had decent line-up of games in 2014 and that ultimately kept gamers busy.

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Why I sold my PS Vita?

When PS Vita was released 2 years back in 2012 I was excited. I always wanted a portable gaming console that I can take with me on flights (I am a frequent flyer due to the nature of my job) and also I can use it in home to play PS3 (now PS4 games) when the living room TV is occupied to watch cable / Netflix etc.


Tablets and smartphones did not serve that purpose fully for several reasons:-

  • No remote play until now (Sony Z3 phones and tablets now support remote play)
  • These devices do not have dedicated buttons like Vita or 3DS or 2DS.
  • Not for serious gaming like Borderlands, Uncharted.
  • Did not want to be in a situation where my phone had (near) zero battery when I land.

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Motorola Droid Turbo – Undeniably Best Battery Life

Motorola is having a great run this year with

  • Moto X (2014) – flagship phone with larger and better screen and camera
  • Moto G (2014) – budget phone with decent screen and specs
  • Moto 360 – round smart watch with good battery life (after recent update), and

the latest addition to it’s lineup is ‘Droid Turbo’ – a phone with eternal battery life. You cannot really go run with any of the above choices.


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Why I prefer Note 4 over iPhone 6

IMG_0085   IMG_0086

This is 2nd and last post in the series highlighting distinguishing features of iPhone 6 and Note 4; and why I prefer one over the other. 1st post was about why I like using iPhone 6 over Note 4 and concluded by saying that I do not intend to state that former is better than latter (Link to that post – (https://ezgadgetblog.wordpress.com/2014/10/31/why-i-like-iphone-6-over-note-4/). As a matter of fact it is just the opposite, I like using iPhone 6 but I love using Note 4 and most of the time that is my go-to device.

Reasons range from the phone’s hardware to stylus related functions to expanded multi-tasking features. (Since I am comparing iPhone 6 and not 6 Plus with Note 4 I will try not to mention any size related advantages that Note 4 has over iPhone 6)

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Why I Like iPhone 6 over Note 4


Okay the title might lead you to think that the person who posted this does not know anything about phones. Why is he not comparing iPhone 6 Plus with Note 4? But I have my own reasons in comparing these 2 phones. First being I did not want to carry two big sized phones. Second I wanted to give my readers a different viewpoint on how it feels to use normal sized phone (4.7″ display is normal these days, probably not for android users) versus bigger phones that is becoming the trend now.

I have been extensively using both phones for last 2 weeks now and am quite happy with my buying decision. The comparisons in this post are aimed to be strictly based on experiences with the phone and not usual androids vs. iPhone battle.

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