iOS vs. Android 4.x :: iOS 8 plays the catch-up

In this post, I will cover why I am primarily an Android user and why I expect things to change. There are various posts on internet that compares iOS with Android from software viewpoint; so I will try my best to provide my readers something new or atleast something that is not yet exploited in detail.

I was initially an iPhone 3GS user and subsequently moved to android (S2); primarily to quench my thirst of exploring something new. Since then I have stayed with Android as it offers several advantages that I have mentioned here:-

  • Larger Screen sizes with various options ranging from 4″ to 6″ (another post of mine covers screen sizes and its merit in detail)
  • Multiple Keyboards available on Google PlayStore e.g. Swype, Swiftkey etc. Most loved feature of these keyboards are that you can just glide your thumb to type. Another useful feature is that it supports multiple languages including Hindi.


  • Widgets in Android let you have quick access to information like weather, calendar appointments, share prices, settings like wifi/bluetooth, shazam for song search, boarding pass etc. A point to note here though is multiple widgets can be taxing on your battery life. (an example of some widgets shown below)


  • Share any file with any app that allows file sharing. E.g. you can share your picture via Gmal, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, instagram. Or can edit your picture using stock gallery app or using 3rd party camera apps. Or can use default SMS app as hangouts. 
  • There are variety of launchers to customize look and feel of your android device. if you remember when Nokia first came with colored phones it offered themes to make your device look distinctive. Android offers the same with lot more options to customize. It can be a separate topic altogether but I will stop here.

Now with iOS 8, Apple has played the catch-up game and included most of the above listed android functions in some way or  the other.

  • iMessage can be used to send photo, voice or video messages. (whatsapp should not be worried as it serves multiple platforms while iMessage is Apple only. Also iMessage is funny in a way that if it cannot send free message it will send as sms over your carrier).
  • Improved Notification that will allow user to reply to messages without opening the iMessage app.
  • Widgets in notification center. However it will be interesting to see what all apps are supported and how it manages large number of widgets that I have added to notification screen.
  • Improved Notification that will allow user to reply to messages without opening the iMessage app.
  • Keyboard enhancements to include QuickType that learns form your typing over a period. Also it will support 3rd party keyboards like Swype.
  • Then there are other enhancements to Siri and Spotlight that will work more like Google Now (web search, touchless use etc.)

I am anxiously waiting to get my hands-on the iOS 8 and will post detailed review once it is publicly available (September 17th).


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