Windows Phone 8.1 :: A Crisp and Concise Review


I am not a BIG fan of windows phones for several reasons. Let’s put those reasons in a comparison chart:-

  Windows 8.1 Android 4.4 iOS 8 My Opinion
Number of Apps 300,000 1 million + 1 million + Huge difference not only in quantity but in quality too; many apps in windows store are fake / duplicated; Microsoft recently deleted several of such apps
Security Issues Med-High Low-Med Low With several fake apps in MS and google stores, there are high chances of getting viruses or malware on these phones. Apple has robust app screening process that reduces such risks.
Release Date Availability Slim Good High Windows store lacks several known apps from leading developers like Gameloft, Google etc.
Widgets Workaround Yes Yes, in a way Windows has live tiles but from my experience not all apps support this feature.

iOS8 will support widgets in a way in notification screen.

Google Support Still Lacking Full Partial Windows phone still do not have google apps (except google search i.e. No google maps)

Though there are definitely some advantages of using Windows Phone:-

  • Cortana – Better than Siri, more like Google Now
  • Better battery life
  • Live Tiles
  • Action Center works similar to Android’s notification center
  • Loads of customization options
  • Better Camera than most Android Phones

Big Players in Windows Phone Market:-

  • Nokia (soon to be owner by Microsoft)
  • HTC
  • Samsung
  • Others – Alcatel, Micromax, BLU, Archos

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