Why I Like iPhone 6 over Note 4


Okay the title might lead you to think that the person who posted this does not know anything about phones. Why is he not comparing iPhone 6 Plus with Note 4? But I have my own reasons in comparing these 2 phones. First being I did not want to carry two big sized phones. Second I wanted to give my readers a different viewpoint on how it feels to use normal sized phone (4.7″ display is normal these days, probably not for android users) versus bigger phones that is becoming the trend now.

I have been extensively using both phones for last 2 weeks now and am quite happy with my buying decision. The comparisons in this post are aimed to be strictly based on experiences with the phone and not usual androids vs. iPhone battle.

  iPhone 6 Galaxy Note 4
Build Quality Sturdy and feels Premium.Touchscreen curves into the chassis that feels nice while operating the phone. Feels sturdy and premium when compared to other Samsung phones but not when compared to Apple or HTC Phones.
Finger-Print Scanner Works 95% of the time, does not require you to place your thumb or finger on it in specific manner (like vertical or horizontal). Works probably only 70-80% of the time. Requires you to swipe your thumb or finger over the home button; also in specific manner. From my experience it works mostly when finger is placed vertically over the scanner.However there is a trick that I discovered recently – for the same finger or thumb save 2 fingerprints on the phone and try to register it with different swiping actions.
Thickness & Weight Incredibly Thin and Light. Easier to carry in skinny jeans. Definitely not a phone that most can fit comfortably in skinny jeans.
Sound Quality Loud and HD quality sound. Not as loud as iPhone, also loses quality on high volume.
Camera Picture quality is better in normal/day light. Picture quality suffers from yellowish tint in normal/day light. Does not look natural in colors.
Headphones Come with headphones and they do sound better than most economy headphones. Does NOT come with any headphones (in USA with AT&T at least)
App Availability This is more of iOS ecosystem benefit. I would not be wrong in saying most apps are first available on iOS and then on Android. Few apps like Infinity Blade series probably will never make its way to Android.

This post does not end here and it does not mean that I recommend iPhone 6 over Note 4. In the 2nd part (next post) I will cover reasons – Why I prefer Note 4 over iPhone 6.

To be continued … 🙂


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