Why I prefer Note 4 over iPhone 6

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This is 2nd and last post in the series highlighting distinguishing features of iPhone 6 and Note 4; and why I prefer one over the other. 1st post was about why I like using iPhone 6 over Note 4 and concluded by saying that I do not intend to state that former is better than latter (Link to that post – (https://ezgadgetblog.wordpress.com/2014/10/31/why-i-like-iphone-6-over-note-4/). As a matter of fact it is just the opposite, I like using iPhone 6 but I love using Note 4 and most of the time that is my go-to device.

Reasons range from the phone’s hardware to stylus related functions to expanded multi-tasking features. (Since I am comparing iPhone 6 and not 6 Plus with Note 4 I will try not to mention any size related advantages that Note 4 has over iPhone 6)

  Galaxy Note 4 iPhone 6
Bezels Note 4 have thinner bezels than previous Note edition and iPhone 6 / 6 Plus; more specifically on top and bottom. I was seriously hoping latest iteration of iPhones to have thinner bezels than previous versions but Apple did not change it a bit.
Heart-Rate Monitor To most it is more a gimmick than useful feature but definitely a novelty feature. No such sensors available.
S-Health I personally find S-Health more useful and easier to use when compared to Apple Health. Measures stress, UV, steps, heart-rate, SpO2, calorie count. Apple’s Health app does all the basics like steps, calorie count etc. But no UV, SpO2 or heart-rate sensor (more related to hardware than software)
Stylus Fore me this is the USP of Note series. Can be used to scribble notes, take picture notes and easily copy-paste content between apps among other features.S-note app can read words from the pictures you take. Not available, even with 6 Plus.
Multi-Tasking Dual-Window Mode, Bubbles that can hover over other windows for quick access; and it can have 5 apps open at the same time. Pseudo Multi-Tasking that is same whether it is iPhone 6 or 6 plus.
Camera Low light performance better than iPhone.Wide-Angle selfie mode allows taking selfie with more people in a single frame. Low light shots have always been an issue with iPhones.
Screen Just 1 word – WOW.2k resolution, no pixels can be identified no matter how close you look at it. 750p resolution does not look bad at all but when compared to screen like that of Note 4 it shows the difference.
Quick Settings Various functions available in addition to basic shortcuts like – Power Saving mode, Private Mode, NFC, Multi-Window, Side key Panel,  Smart Stay (keeps the screen on as long as you are looking at the phone) Limited functions available – Airplane mode, Wifi, Bluetooth, Brightness, Flashlight, Calculator etc.
One-handed Operation Note 4 provide some nice features to have one handed operation on the phone. (It can be even customized under settings). Features like :- Swiping in and out from the edges makes everything on the screen smaller. Like 3.5” screen.

– Side Key panel adds the home, back and multi-tasking buttons on either left or right side of the screen. More functions can be added.

– Keyboard and Phone Dial can be moved to left or right for one-handed input. One issue though it cannot be set back to normal without going back to settings.

*screenshots added below


Double tapping the home button shrinks the whole screen but I have never used it for a reason. Example – if I have to send a message I will have to do these steps:– Double tap to bring the compose button within reach and click

– Keyboard does not open in this shrunk mode so double tap again to add sender and then type the message.

Too much hassle, better to use two hands.


Private Mode Handy when you want to hide something from your kids or wife or girlfriend(s).It can be accessed quickly from the notification bar. I believe it can be via 3rd party apps but not embedded into iOS.
Fast Charging With Note 4, Samsung provides turbo charger that fast charges the phone from 0 to 100% in about an hour. iPhone 6 usually takes more than that and it is safe to assume that 6 Plus will take even more time.
S-view Cover This needs to be stated as a great benefit that is available to Note 4. S-view cover provides some protection and added functionality to the phone. No such cases have come to my notice yet for iPhones.

Note 4  Screenshots:-

1. Multi-Tasking – 1st screenshot shows how you can have one app open and others in form of bubbles. 2nd one shows 5 apps can be open at same time.

Screenshot_2014-10-29-14-31-10    5apps

2. Private Mode

privat mode

3. Adaptive Display

Adaptive display

* Note 4 display review by GSMARENA – http://www.gsmarena.com/samsung_galaxy_note_4_has_the_best_display_as_per_displaymate-news-9652.php

4. Shortcuts in Notification bar


5. S-View Cover – Benefits are stated above, but there are few downsides as well – One downside, once the cover is snapped on, notification light is of no use since it covers the front without any hole for that light. Another one is when taking picture from the cover, it takes the square pictures and not the complete view is captured. I suggest that go to camera app from home screen and then take the pictures.

IMG_0089  IMG_0087  IMG_0088




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