Best Console Games of 2014

2014 was the full first year that new gen consoles got to showcase capabilities in terms of graphics and processing power. Though several titles got pushed to 2015 but still we had decent line-up of games in 2014 and that ultimately kept gamers busy.

Category Winner Exclusive Runner-Up My Reasons
Best Racing Game Forza Horizon 2 Yes, Xbox One Mario Kart on Wii U Forza Horizon 2 is hands down the best racing game of 2014.

·   Crisp graphics

·   Enormous collection of cars

·   Lots of side missions (my best is Barn Find)

·   Colorful

Other notable mention(s) – Driveclub

Best FPS Game COD: Advanced Warfare No Destiny This year’s iteration of COD was not a iteration in my opinion but altogether a new game.

·   Challenging Single Player and longer than previous editions

·   Vibrant

·   Great multiplayer with several modes

Other notable mention(s) – Titanfall, Wolfenstein: The New Order

Best Open World Game GTA 5 No Far Cry 4, Sunset Overdrive GTA has always been the game I look forward to and the team has always exceeded my expectations.

·   Heists

·   Side Missions

·   Graphics on PS4

·   GTA online

All these reasons made GTA the best open world game of 2013 and now 2014.

Other notable mention(s) – Watch Dogs, Infamous: Second Son

Best RPG Game Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor No Dragon Age: Inquisition A surprise hit of 2014. Technically this game is not a traditional RPG but fusion of Open World + Action RPG.

Introduction of nemesis system along with breath-taking graphics and gameplay makes this one of the best games of 2014 (overall) and definitely best RPG.

Other notable mention(s) – Diablo III, Dark Souls II

Best Fighting Game Super Smash Bros Yes, Wii U Ultra Street Fighter 4 Fun yet serious fighting game of 2014.

·   Easy to learn controls

·   Several modes

·   Re-playable

·   Multiplayer

Best Sports Game FIFA 2015 No Trials Fusion,

Pro Evolution Soccer

·   Animation that looks real

·   True-match atmosphere

·   Team Rooster

Other notable mention(s) – WWE 2K15, NHL 2015, NBA 2K15

Best Horror Game The Evil Within No The Last of US Remastered I wouldn’t advise anyone to play The Evil Within if you are faint-hearted. I can watch entire horror movie with seldom moments of fear; but this game is so horrifying and intense I do not play it more than an hour or two each day.

Other notable mention(s) – Dead Rising 3


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