Hercules of (Android) Phones – Saygus V2 with 320GB Memory

saygus v2 - 1

Yes I am talking about a phone here and not a tablet or a laptop. Saygus V2 was on display in CES 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Before today like most of you I did not hear about this company or the brand. Saygus is a start-up from Utah and V2 phone appears to be built in US, just like recent Motorola phones. Now let’s talk about the phone itself –

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Motorola Droid Turbo – Undeniably Best Battery Life

Motorola is having a great run this year with

  • Moto X (2014) – flagship phone with larger and better screen and camera
  • Moto G (2014) – budget phone with decent screen and specs
  • Moto 360 – round smart watch with good battery life (after recent update), and

the latest addition to it’s lineup is ‘Droid Turbo’ – a phone with eternal battery life. You cannot really go run with any of the above choices.


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Why I prefer Note 4 over iPhone 6

IMG_0085   IMG_0086

This is 2nd and last post in the series highlighting distinguishing features of iPhone 6 and Note 4; and why I prefer one over the other. 1st post was about why I like using iPhone 6 over Note 4 and concluded by saying that I do not intend to state that former is better than latter (Link to that post – (https://ezgadgetblog.wordpress.com/2014/10/31/why-i-like-iphone-6-over-note-4/). As a matter of fact it is just the opposite, I like using iPhone 6 but I love using Note 4 and most of the time that is my go-to device.

Reasons range from the phone’s hardware to stylus related functions to expanded multi-tasking features. (Since I am comparing iPhone 6 and not 6 Plus with Note 4 I will try not to mention any size related advantages that Note 4 has over iPhone 6)

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Why I Like iPhone 6 over Note 4


Okay the title might lead you to think that the person who posted this does not know anything about phones. Why is he not comparing iPhone 6 Plus with Note 4? But I have my own reasons in comparing these 2 phones. First being I did not want to carry two big sized phones. Second I wanted to give my readers a different viewpoint on how it feels to use normal sized phone (4.7″ display is normal these days, probably not for android users) versus bigger phones that is becoming the trend now.

I have been extensively using both phones for last 2 weeks now and am quite happy with my buying decision. The comparisons in this post are aimed to be strictly based on experiences with the phone and not usual androids vs. iPhone battle.

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New Features :: Android L / 5.0 (Developer Preview)

Android L developer preview has been available since June this year and Google released the latest build of the preview version in August (LPV81C). With this version, Google has introduced Material Design that brings some nice visual and functional enhancements to android OS. I have compiled some screenshots and new features in this post. If you like it go ahead and update your Nexus 5 to Android L (I have covered the steps to update in another post).

  • New lock screen with quick access to Phone and Camera; and enhanced notifications.


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HowTo :: Update Nexus 5 to Android L (Developer Preview)

First in the ‘HowTo’ series is about the latest Android version that is going to hit the streets soon. Google is expected to publicly release Android’s latest version that is so far referred with different names – Android L or Android 5.0 – by November 1st week. It is another month before users can get their hands on stable release of Android L.

However If you are one of those souls, like me, who cannot wait till November but at the same time find it inconvenient to go through (bit) difficult steps listed on various sites, I am here to provide you all with an easy step-by-step guide that will make your update process smoother.

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Colossal War :: Note 4 / Edge vs. iPhone 6 Plus


After the launch of iPhone 6 Plus yesterday, now almost all the major smartphone manufacturers on the planet have phablet (a category that covers large size phones like Galaxy Note, Nokia 1520, Sony Xperia Z Ultra).

Of all the phablets, Galaxy Note has been most successful so far. Based on reports on BGR.com it has even made roads into tablet market share. It is predicted that tablet market growth rate will be witnessing a nose dive from 51% in 2013 to 6-7% in 2014. Will the launch of iPhone 6 plus hurt it more? A question for some other day.

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