iWatch – Spotted in wild

Apple watch (or iWatch) is probably just a month away from being released and available to masses rather classes. But there have been rumors going around that apple employees are already using the watch from last few months. And today I can say that those rumors were true as I did see a guy wearing the watch on my usual weekly flight.

Below are probably the first real world pictures of Apple Watch. I tried to ask some close ended questions to the guy wearing it but he had only one answer to all my questions ‘Perhaps’; like Is this Apple Watch? Do you work for Apple? Is it waterproof? Does it have heart rate monitor?.

20150303153804 20150303153808

So I know there are not many details other than just pictures to share at this time but if I see him on my return flight I am going to grill him again 🙂

For now let me know what you all think about how the watch looks !!!